Mayur Jumani: A musical maverick whose talent knows no boundaries

Piyush Singh
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Mayur Jumani: A musical maverick whose talent knows no boundaries

Mayur Jumani is making music much more interesting with his smooth beats, catchy tunes, and social media mashups.

Showing your talent on social media has become the crux of the platform and thanks to that, we get to see creative people grace our feeds on a daily basis. This has also allowed us to come across creative music composers who leave us all enthralled with their magic and Mayur Jumani is one such name. Yes, we know that he is a very famous and talented music composer and producer who has worked on the tracks of some memorable commercials, title tracks and even some popular movies like Dabangg 3, Guilty, Baaghi 3, Bandish Bandits, Gunjan Saxena and more. But what has always intrigued us about him is how he gives it all to the mashups he creates on social media. He can pick up any random scene, moment or audio and can somehow make music out of it which rarely fails to make us groove.

He started making parodies and music mashups during the lockdown and even at the start, he managed to make everything entertaining. One of the famous mashups that he created was about Donald Trump on his visit to India which went viral. He doesn't seem to take a break from his creativity anytime soon and here's hoping that we get to see such creative stuff from him for years at end. No matter what he does, he is always on a winning streak.

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Check out some of his videos that we love!

Happy Birthday, Mayur! That you for the never ending source of entertainment!

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