Here is the latest Google chat bot, Meena and all you need to know about it.

We’ve all been fascinated by Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, haven’t we? While they aren’t as conversational, people were still going gaga over them. Things are now going to change, since a Google chat bot is all set to launch Meena, a new chat companion that will be the best chatbot in the market, especially with its brilliant conversational skills! 

According to Google, Meena is a neutral network and has about 2.6 billion parameters. “We present Meena, a multi-turn open-domain chatbot trained end-to-end on data mined and filtered from public domain social media conversations. This 2.6B parameter neural network is trained to minimize perplexity, an automatic metric that we compare against the human judgement of multi-turn conversation quality”, the tech giant said in a blog post about the Google chat bot.

The post also mentioned that Meena has been thoroughly trained and knows 40 billion words. She also uses a seq2seq model along with a variation of the popular Transformer architecture. Google has claimed that it is better than any voice assistants right now. The company has also discussed the Sensibleness and Specificity Average, which helps in measuring the ability of a conversational agent, that talks sense.

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If the numbers are to go by, humans scored around 86 per cent in SSA tests while Meena in the initial tests scored an impressive 76 per cent. The blog post also stated that the other AI-based assistants lack sense and basic knowledge about the world. They might be adept at giving sensible answers, they are still not equipped to handle questions that are not specific to the context. With Meena, no one will face this issue!

We are excitedly waiting to have a conversation with the Google chat bot, Meena, are you?