5 fresh ways to appreciate your employees that's a level up from stale to stellar

Piyush Singh
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If those outdated appreciation tactics are not working anymore, Here are some ways to make workplace more fun. 

A vibrant work culture isn't just about additional holidays and ping-pong tables (though those are nice perks) but about creating an environment that employees are pumped to roll out of bed for. The way it's possible is when leaders prioritize motivation and fun at the workplace. Isn't that the magic of a good work culture? And if leaders are looking to keep that vibe alive and refreshing, they can't rely on the same old appreciation tactics. If we think of it, the plain old and rusty compliments might not be working well enough. Leaders should ditch the stale "employee of the month" plaques, and borrow some fun ideas from the Gen Z crowd instead. Diving into Reel challenges, embracing virtual team-building games, or even hosting a meme contest – anything to keep those creative juices flowing and those motivation levels sky-high. Although these strategies might seem like a leap, the payoff in the long term would be absolutely worth it. Maybe learning some new ways to appreciate your employees can be a good start. 

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Let's learn some fun ways to appreciate your employees: 

Reel Challenges: Time to unleash our inner Reeler! From dance-offs to hilarious skits, bring some workplace fun and show off our creativity!


Themed Dress-Up Days: Introduce themed dress-up days where employees can dress according to a specific theme or concept, such as "Superhero Day," or "Mismatch Day. 


DIY Competitions: Let's put our creativity to the test with some DIY showdowns!


Game nights on Discord: Let's gather the gang and host some epic game nights! Whether it's battling it out in trivia or teaming up for a virtual scavenger hunt, it's bound to be a blast!


Storytelling Sessions: Host storytelling sessions where employees can share funny, heartwarming, or memorable experiences. This can be done during team meetings or dedicated storytelling events, allowing everyone to connect through shared experiences.

These are just a few of the many ways to make the workplace experience more fun. Feel free to suggest more ideas in the comments below! 

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