Our memestar in focus, Ted The Stoner is one person you must follow if you love memes and sarcasm equally!

The words ‘memes’ and ‘millennials’ go hand-in-hand. To ace the meme game, you oughta be bringing something new, something exciting, yet relatable to the new-age crowd that simply does not have quite a bit of attention span these days. Cracking the code for viral content isn’t a full-proof formula, but the memestar in focus we’re about to talk about today will surely have some inputs. 

Make way for the teddy bear who has paved the path for being a memestar by sharing some hilarious insights on a regular Indian’s life – Ted The Stoner.

Who is he?
25-year-old accountant, Jitendra Sharma set up Ted The Stoner with the aim of making people laugh. But by 2019, the account has garnered over 1 million followers and has Bollywood celebrities interacting with his posts. Ted’s supporters not only share his memes but also participate in his notions to make India a better country. 

Story Behind Ted The Stoner?
Inspired by the teddy bear that smokes from the movie Ted, Jitendra Sharma created this account one night at 2 AM because he needed more accounts on social media to connect to on a humorous level. Initially, the agenda was pretty simple – share funny content and make people laugh. But slowly, Jitendra couldn’t silence his inner voice and started speaking about social and political matters as well. 

Recently, he has managed to get 5 lakh signatures under 48 hours for a petition to declare climate change as an emergency in the light of the water crisis in Chennai. Famous celebs like Sonakshi Sinha, Virat Kohli, and Anushka Sharma have not only signed his petitions, but also shared it on their social pages to spread the awareness of his cause. 

Jitendra is also a big advocate of animal and pet adoptions. You will find your friendly neighbourhood teddy bear posting adoption appeals very often and has managed to get many fur babies adopted across India. 

What does he do?
Being an accounts student, his life has been all about crunching numbers and audits. But in our eyes, he’s become quite an ‘influencer’ because he’s taking steps towards influencing the youngsters to participate in making the Indian community a better place.

Take a look at extremely hilarious posts by our memestar in focus Ted The Stoner:

Memestar in focus Memestar in focus Memestar in focus Memestar in focus Memestar in focus

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