From stress to boredom, there’s nothing a dank meme can’t fix. Memes come in various forms and are inspired by Bollywood movies, terrible political statements, misguided brand campaigns and everything that finds its way on the internet. Knowing about memes is one thing but speaking memes displays another level of love for the mood and life-altering form of content.

Indian Memers League is all about celebrating the love for memes. This is why we’ve created a meme dictionary to help you understand and speak memes as fluently as you can and the word of the day is – dank.

We’ve heard it, read it in multiple places, used it on occasions to but do you really know what it means? Worry not, we’ve got the answer for you! It has multiple memes, from unique and weird memes to creating sarcastic, sometimes offensive memes using popular templates. And remember, a dank meme is a lot of things but it is NEVER ‘cute’.

Dank memes have been flooding our feeds for a while and here are some of the best ones we’ve come across on the internet!

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me right before bed

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If you love memes as much as we do and have a knack for creating the dankest ones then gear up! Brand Factory along with Social Ketchup is hosting the Indian Memers League where we hunt for the best memer in the country and crown them the ‘Meme Lord’!

If you think you’ve got it then follow Indian Memers League on Instagram and register yourselves through to be a part of the challenge!