Memestar in focus: Trendulkar, you should follow him if you are also a fan of cricket, travel and like being part of the social media trends.

In today’s world, we have a meme for every emotion. Memes have become a method of communication by adding a portion of laughter to each interaction. But becoming a Memestar isn’t an easy task. When you’re surrounded by everything trending, relatable, and funny, it can get difficult to make worthy content every single time! But Memestars know great meme material when they see one. This time, the stage has been set for none other than Twitter’s cricket meme lord – Trendulkar

Back in 2011, when the world didn’t know what ‘memes’ were, and we were all extremely sad about beloved Sachin Tendulkar retiring, a smart-witted engineer from BITS Pilani created a Twitter handle to take a fun spin on India’s popular spot – Cricket. 

But all that is history. Now, he houses a Twitter following of 1.2M and keeps their ribs tickling with his live match musings on his Twitter handle.

Who Is He? 

An avid sports fan, an ex-navy fella but a new-age social media influencer, meet the name behind the famed Trendulkar – Apoorv Sood. As a regular Joe, he finished his school and college but didn’t have his social media breakthrough until 2014. 

Story Behind Trendulkar

From having only a few followers in 2011 to reaching 38K+ followers in 2014, Apoorv Sood credits his popularity on the amalgamation of the Cricket World Cup and the #Trending on Twitter. He began live Tweeting matches with off-beat one-liners that caught the attention of many Twitteratis. Fortunately, the habit still continues so we can definitely say that we won’t be saying goodbye to Trendulkar anywhere in the near future.

What Is Apoorv Doing IRL? 

He was a merchant navy officer but now he works as a senior marketing manager in a leading financial services company and manages to keep his 1+ million followers on their toes with his wry humour in his free time. 

Check out some of the dankest tweets and memes by Trendulkar: 

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It’s not easy to achieve the ‘memestar’ status but Trendulkar has certainly earned it! If you love memes as much as we do and have a knack for creating the dankest ones then gear up!

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