Check out these menstruation poems that every woman is sure to relate with on some level.

Poems have been used to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions for ages. Poems have the power to educate, influence and drive change and they certainly know how to connect people. So, today, we’re taking a look at some menstruation poems that every woman will find a connect with in one way or another. Because just like poems, a period also holds the power to change a woman’s life and also her mood on many occasions.

Take a look:

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I've been talking to a lot of people about #period and the taboo around it. I fail to understand how is it justified to say #periods are bad. I mean you fail to acknowledge the pain, hormonal changes and other related issues that women have to go through periodically and on top of that all you do is say it's not something we should talk about or share with anyone. How do you think we were all created? There is no shame in talking openly about periods and women all over the world and across species are beautiful creatures who go through this every single month. It's easy for us ladies also to sometimes feel it's not a big deal and we go through this every month. Yes ladies we do go through this every month but please remember you cannot discount the fact that it calls for you to take care of your body during #menstruation. This was a scribbler I did being frustrated and well just wanted to post it on my insta for you never know who may find it interesting enough to #read. 🙂 and yes I know my art might not be that great but that's the best I can draw myself or any other women I wanted to portray. ? . . . . . . . . #periodproblems #periodtalk #breakingtaboo #womenhealth #womenofillustration #poetrycommunity #poetry #periodpoem #veganwomen #writingprompts #writersofinstagram #poetry #womensupportingwomen #womenpower #periodpower #writing #reading #poetryslam #womenpoets #indianvegandiary

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And here’s one on a lighter note:

I would say, “Happy Period!” but we all know that no such thing exists.