The Mismatched season 2 album has everything for hopeless romantics!

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Mismatch Season 2 album

Whether you’ve watched the show or not, you should definitely check out the Mismatched season 2 album.

If there's anything that Indian cinema has proved, it’s no matter how bad a film might be, we will always remember it for the songs that it has given us. With Indian shows and web series becoming a common form of entertainment, we shouldn't be surprised to find a good album to come out of these shows. These shows have also become a platform for various indie artists to share their EPs with the world, making for a new addition to everyone's playlist. Netflix was able to give the internet another reason to create their reels with the whole Mismatched season 2 album.

If there’s any show that has managed to charm the internet with its new season, it’s gotta be Mismatched. The show directed by Akarsh Khurana and Nipun Dharmadhikari revolves around the lives of a bunch of college students, their superficial problems, recurring relationship troubles, and assignments. But one thing the audience also took away from this season was a soulful album that has become a hit on its own. The album is created by an assortment of ten incredibly talented artists, which includes Jasleen Royal, Samar Grewal, Anurag Saikia, Nikhita Gandhi, Shashwat Singh, Imaaduddin Shah, Shwetang Shankar, Ritviz Srivastava, Tkdvaibhavjha and Jackey Mishra. The album also sees Taaruk Raina who plays Anmol Malhotra debut as a singer with his song Kho Gaye. The song itself has over 5 million streams on Spotify. Another song that has become top Reel audio is the ghazal version of Aise Kyun by Rekha Bhardwaj with people sharing their aesthetic vlogs as well as dance videos on Instagram.

The show has been able to strike a cord among the young audience who are basking in the current student life. Finding a lot of situations to be relatable and shipping their favourite characters, fans of the Mismatched have been waiting for the next season to drop soon. Until then, enjoy this amazing playlist with your hot cup of chai.

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Here's the playlist!

Love Is Love

Aise Kyun


Jaanu Na

Kho Gaye


Musafir x Wanderer



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