We came across these red and green flags in Mismatched season 2!

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We came across these red and green flags in Mismatched season 2!

Mismatched season 2 gave us a whole lot of drama but did you notice these red and green flags within the show?

Have you ever gotten the feeling of just laying under the stars and talking to that one person who makes you feel special and wanted? Well, Mismatched season 2 will make you feel all those things and more! This season, the twists and turns will keep you hooked and wanting more, and the additional new character just spiced up the show even more. The character development in season 2 is just the right seasoning for our salads. And this season, we also spotted some red flags and green flags within the show that definitely helped us IRL.

There are some things we can't help but notice while watching a show and red and green flags are something Gen Zs always have an eye for. From Dimple being a total messy mart throughout the show to Celina falling in love with Namrata, there are just too many to jot down. There are also too many cute moments in the show, which will never be enough. Mismatched season 2 has also created too many ship names, and honestly, we'd love to follow all because it's feeling like a total mess but a cute mess!

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Red flags we noticed in the show!

When he has a fake girlfriend just to make her jealous

This was the moment when Dimple came with Harsh for his gig, but Rishi thought she was dating Harsh to get back to him! So he decides to fake date Sunny to make Dimple jealous. That's not how you should deal with your problem, right?


When she hits on a student

Namrata is literally 17 in the show, and Ayesha being the professor's classmate, seems pretty old. Though Ayesha was a free spirit, but hitting on your student on Day 1 is a big red flag for me. People who have watched the show find it cute, but this is something that I found problematic.


When he is just like Rahul, a cheater!

The not-so-perfect couple Simran and Krish break up in season 2 (finally) because Krish cheated on her. And not to forget the things Simran did just to be perfect for him.


When she kisses you first and blames you

Dimple kissing Harsh was the highlight of season 1 but then blaming Harsh for making the first move is such a big red flag.


When we have to wait for another year for season 3

Even though we have mixed opinions about Mismatched season 2, we still want season 3 ASAP!


Green flags we noticed in the show!

When he helps you cook mutton biryani

Zeenat and Siddhart are probably the only couple in the show that made sense, and watching them cook mutton biryani together just gave me butterflies.


When he's a good friend first, then an SO

Harsh's character development was so smooth this season. He was definitely more than just the naughty American and was definitely a good friend to Dimple.


When he's cute on-screen and off-screen

This one is only for Rohit Saraf because he looks cute AF on-screen and off-screen.


When he turns his broken heart into art

We love a man who handles heartbreaks like a mature person and moves on healthily!


When he calms your panic attacks :)

Harsh calms Dimple's panic attacks by singing 'Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye' has to be the biggest green flag of the show!


Who do you think is a walking red and green flag on the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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