Mithun Chakroborty dialogues that would make for dramatic TikTok videos

Smrithi Mohan
Jun 16, 2020 07:13 IST
Mithun Chakroborty dialogues

Bollywood's Disco Dancer, Mithun Da celebrates his birthday today. On his birthday we have made a list of iconic Mithun Chakroborty dialogues that would make for dramatic TikTok videos.

Bollywood has its own uniqueness that makes it different from other movie industry. We have all grown up watching movies that scream of Bollywood in all its aspects. Be it the movie plot, the extravagant persona of the hero or the dialogues. The Dialogues, they have always been an important and irreplaceable part of the movie industry. Some dialogues becomes way more famous than the movie or the actor and stay with fans forever. While we have a bunch of actors who have delivered many iconic dialogues that have become a part of our lives, Mithun Chakroborty has his own place. The actor was a huge part of the 70s and 80s Bollywood movies giving us some memorable scenes and dialogues to remember. The actor has been recognised for his contributions in the film industry. Apart from movies, he is also an active part in social services, politics and a huge part of a dance-based reality TV show. Fans found it difficult to not dance when their favourite Mithun da got to the dance floor and rocked his moves. He has definitely earned his place as B-wood's own 'Disco Dancer'. Even though his moves were great, Mithun Da has also given us some amazingly dramatic movie dialogues. These Mithun Chakroborty dialogues are so iconic that one cannot help but make a TikTok video of the same.

Take a look at these Mithun Chakroborty dialogues:

"Dekhne me bevda, bhagne me ghodha, aur maarne me hathoda"

"Ithihas badalne vale ka naam kabhi ithihas me nahi hota"

"Ab zindagi tuje takliff nahi degi... Vo taliff dega tuje"

"Ijjat, jillat, shoharath aur maut... upar vale ke hath me hai"

"Tuj jaise zehar ko marne ke liye... zehar hi kaam aayega"

"Mein gareebo ke liye hero hoon, aur tum jaise logo ke liye villain. Naam hai mera Shankar, hoon mein gunda no. 1"

"Insaan ka irada aur usski takdeer, bolke nahi badalte"

"Jiski zarurat usulose badi hoti hai... vo na nahi bol sakta"

"Hum sirf angrezo ka khoon peete hai"

"Jeenke ghar sheeshe ke hote hai na... vo basement me kapde badalte hai"

Happy Birthday, Mithun Da!

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