Take a look at this Moeen Bhai edit featuring the one and only, Vijay Verma made by one of the Instagram users that have made us fall in love with the character all over again.

Gully Boy created quite an impression in the eyes of its viewers and won hearts along with awards. The movie definitely gave us some very cool and relatable characters. Moeen Bhai played by Vijay Varma was one of them. The character had a lot of layers that made it special. Despite all the flaws that Moeen carried in his life, it was his friendship and good deeds that touched our hearts.

The internet relived its love for the character after the actor himself shared an special video edit on his Instagram. We have all seen various edited videos on Instagram that celebrates a character or an actor and this Moeen Bhai edit is definitely somethinh you will end-up watching on loop.

Check out the Moeen Bhai edit:

The video was edited Vaibhav aka @left_hand_cigarettes_ on Instagram. Here are some of his other impressive edits:

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