Aakanksha, Paahi and Kuhoo from ‘Me and Mine’ are making it a point to spread joy and light through their adorable content.

There have been a bunch of things that have changed over the years, and parenting is one of them. Every millennial and Gen Z can vouch for this. It maybe because parents of this generation are younger or that they want to approach their kids in a different manner than our parents did. Gentle parenting has become a common phrase that proves the fact that parents now are willing to view their kids as an individual, thereby giving them room to grow and learn. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and also reach out to the ones who need help. And social media is playing a big part in this exchange. While parenting can be new to a lot of people, there are mom bloggers and creators like Aakanksha Dave aka ‘Me and Mine’ who are sharing their parenting journey with the world.

An MBA in HR, Aakanksha Dave, is now a full-time mommy who is giving the internet her daily dose of serotine. Also known as Me and Mine on Instagram, Aakanksha is the mother to Paahi and Kuhoo, her two beautiful daughters. Like many, she had her own set of anxieties and fears about becoming a mother but she embraced this new phase of her life with open arms. Since the birth of her firstborn, Aakanksha began sharing her new journey as a parent with the world. Learning, making mistakes, and re-learning, she has been celebrating her motherhood journey with her followers. “I was always scared as it was comparatively new and was afraid of what will people say.. now I have realized this is something that makes me happy, hence, nothing should matter.”

Becoming a mom influencer was not something that she had planned. She became a part of the creator community when her videos with her daughters became a hit among her followers. People appreciated all her cute and adorable videos that she created along with her daughters, Paahi and Kuhoo. Being a creator is not about making her kids do anything. For them, it’s all about having fun. When asked if the kids enjoy creating content with her, Aakanksha says, “We just have fun and I capture it just like any other mother would capture their kids.” Although it is not easy to choose a favourite among their videos we couldn’t help but agree with Aakanksha on her favourite video. She says, “My favourite one is Kiana singing त्वमेव माता”

But there are always people who support you and others who try to put you down. It’s a combination of both and it’s upon the creator to decide what to take and what to ignore. Like every other creator, she realises the positives and negatives of having an online presence. Aakanksha has taken content creation up as her profession and says, “But just like any other profession, even this profession comes with lots and lots of positives and negatives. On one hand, people are blessing you and your kids for making their lives better and on the other blaming you for something you have not done.”

There was a time when she would think twice before saying that she’s a content creator when asked about what she did. But now she has accepted her journey and admitted to bring a full-time content creator. “Thriving for better work, better content is the best part and the worst part is people pushing their sick mentality on you.”

Creators and mom bloggers like Diapers and Lipsticks (Saru Sharma Mukharjee) and @yuvi.says (Yuvika Abrol) happen to be some mom bloggers she follows. She feels herself connect with their content. Other than that she is also fans of creators like Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila and Beer Biceps.

We spoke to Aakansha in a candid interview and here’s what she had to say!

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

“A lot of people message and say that during their dark times, our content was giving them hope and making them laugh. It really meant the world to me.”

If you had to describe your hopes for 2022, how would you?

By far 2022 has been incredible. We completely our target before February. So hopefully 2022 will stay kind to us and I pray for good health for my family and peace in the world “

Do check out her profile on Instagram to watch her have fun along with her daughters @me_and_my_bachchas

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