Money Heist Finale is a little stretchy, predictable yet a teary-eyed finish to a terrific series

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Money Heist Finale

Money Heist Finale is the grand finish to the heist that's going on for the past 5 seasons and this time The Professor rises back again to full power.

Last time we had talked about how doing a critical evaluation of Money Heist Part 5 Vol 1 felt odd as it seemed incomplete but now's not that case. If we look at both the volumes together then it follows the same pattern of chaos, falling and then rising back again which is the usual pattern of Money Heist since the start. But if we look at the volumes individually then Vol 1 is all about the war inside and Vol 2 is all about the war outside and the rise of the professor once again. As Tokyo claims that The Professor is the real hero as he is the one that takes everybody out of the mess with his genius that is what Money Heist Finale is all about.

In this part 5 Vol 2 of Money Heist we start from where we were left at Tokyo's death. While the mourning period for her death cannot be prolonged as everybody is at the brink of war yet her heroic deed can be felt everywhere. But the major focus of this finale is on the outside and The Professor's rise back up from the ashes. As he goes on from saving Alicia and himself from the army to find out the stolen gold to going inside the bank to get his teammates all safely out. Though while the genius ideas of the Professor are commendable and put you up in a nail-biting position yet it's also predictable and so is Berlin's past life and how it's going to affect the present heist. But the genius of the show's lie in how irrespective of it being predictable it doesn't give out how they are going to do it which doesn't make you feel any less of an emotion (like the gold's extraction/ teammates coming out of the bank/ finding the stolen gold/ stealing of the gold).

This finale towards its end makes you emotional and it's not just because of the Heist being over but because we as an audience are bidding goodbye to a terrific series while we also mourn the loss of some of its characters. But what doesn't really work for Money Heist as a whole series is Part 5 being divided into two volumes with a gap of months between their releases. Because it makes it look like the heist as in the story is stretched all over because of the popularity of the series. The gap between the two volumes also divided people's attention and emotion that could have probably been something different if it was released altogether.

It's brilliant to see a series mastering the art of showing a patterned narrative season after season and yet not losing its impact but part 5 is stretched towards a very thin line of people losing their interest in the series. It's best that the series was finished with part 5 vol 2 because if one more part or vol would have come out then it wouldn't have really worked. It's great to know what pattern really works for you but it is also great to know when to stop so that that pattern can remain working for you, and Money Heist makers knew that. So the finale is a little bit stretched, predictable yet a genius and teary-eyed finish to a terrific series. And it also leaves you full of wonderment about the concept of illusions and what it can do!

But that’s enough from us, let’s see what the Janta is saying about the last part, Money Heist Finale!

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