Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1 even though much-awaited is no different than its predecessor parts yet keeps you at an edge all through 5 episodes.

Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1, this highly anticipated and much-awaited part of the series came out yesterday, and if you think they are telling you something new then that’s not the case except for some new characters. Money Heist is one such series that has mastered the craft of telling us the same narrative again and again yet we will not be bored. Over the four series the same pattern has ensued, at first, it really seems like that both the robbers inside the bank and the professor are quite cornered. Then something will happen that will break free the Professor while the chaos is being ensued inside the bank which ends either hurting and or killing off one of the robbers. And then everyone will rise up back to the occasion and fight back. So if you thought that something has changed in this particular part it’s really not, except for the fact that we haven’t come to the rest of the act of rising back up.

But this Spanish phenomenon has a hidden gem even with its repetitive narrative i.e the theme of The Rebel Vs The System. This captures the pulse of the world right now and mix it with an extraordinarily brilliant heist, viola you get Money Heist. There is the country’s system, in this case, Colonel Tamayo who will always be outsmarted, by the rebels, in this case, the Professor. There will be a battle ensuing amongst the soldiers of the two sides, in this case, a bad army Vs the good robbers. And as usual, a typically irritating factor that keeps on butting in between for no reason at all, in this case, it would be, you guessed it right, Arturo. It seems like the series magic now is in its known patterns.

In this five-episode volume of part 5, the same thing happens as what always happens. Colonel Tamayo seems to be swimming in and out of the waters to finally get some control over the situation. The Professor captured by our lovely pregnant inspector Sierra in a not so surprising at all but rather predictable manner gets out of it. Lisbon has entered the bank and tries to handle the situation at the forefront while in the absence of the Professor for a while. Nairobi is still dead just as Berlin but both are alive in the past memories. Arturo gains the trust of some hostages and tries to cause a rebellion and yes, of course, the war. Under huge battles scenes and violence, the personal story and struggles of each one continue while the crowd outside is still chanting in support of the heist. Other than Berlin in a flashback taking his illegitimate son Rafael under his wings and executing a heist in Copenhagen. And another lead character dying in a series cliffhanger nothing really has changed. As Tokyo even says something like “Locked up for a hundred hours, trapped, about to be killed and having lost a best friend it feels like a 100 years have gone by”.

So when we know of the pattern, narrative, and can predict probably all tropes and conceit why watch? Probably because of its sheer brilliance make, because we have gotten attached to the characters by now, and the adrenaline rush it leaves us with. In a lot of ways we are all them, tried and tested enough by this corrupt system waiting to pick up the guns in our own hands but not bold or crazy enough to do it. It’s the fictional gratification we crave for and hence watch Money Heist. But Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1 as promised by its trailer truly gives you a war and less of a heist. And even though Tokyo, Lisbon, Denver, Rio, Helsinki, Palermo, Stockholm, Bogota, the Professor, and the others are still exactly the same braving the same situation yet somehow this still hasn’t gotten old and boring yet.

But enough from us let’s see what the Janta is saying about Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1!

But a review could only be done as both volumes come out as for now this volume seems a tad bit empty and inconclusive. Maybe the best option would have been for Money Heist was to have released in its entirety rather than having two volumes. But nevertheless but what did you feel about Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1? Tell us in the comments below!

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