8 monsoon adventure suggestions by these creators is what every Mumbaikar needs to deal with work stress!

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monsoon adventures

Here's a list of monsoon adventures that every Mumbaikar needs ASAP for an exciting weekend getaway!

Are you even enjoying the rains if you don't already have a WhatsApp group to plan Lonavala during the weekend? Among some of the most obvious things that we expect when the rains hit Mumbai, a trekking plan with our friends is definitely a part of it. The whole vibe and mood of the season is such that we want to be out in the wild and witness all the lush green that makes for a good scenic experience during the rains. There are a bunch of monsoon adventures that pick up during July and August that every Mumbaikar wishes to be a part of, and we're here to instigate the same need with this exciting list.

It's the exact getaway we need especially after spending a whole week dealing with our boss and work deadlines. We all need a break from our 9 to 5 and look at something that's not our laptop screens. To deal with all the work and life stress, a good list of monsoon adventures is what our soul needs! Watching the breathtaking waterfalls, going on a road trip where you reach the destination all drenched and having a hot cup of chai by the road as you share stories and laugh along with the people you love is what we all deserve after two sad years. So, we made a list of such monsoon adventures that you can try with your friends and family!

Here's your guide to an exciting itinerary!

Go on a road trip!

Go camping!

Take a hike!

Go kayaking!

Try out a zipline!

Go cycling!

Experience the waterfalls!

River raft with your friends!

Happy monsoons!

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