Good mood is directly related to good food and rains and snacks go hand-in-hand. Relish these monsoon snacks and relive your happy memories!

With every monsoon comes food cravings for spicy and crunchy munchies. We have curated this list of monsoon snacks that you need to cook right away to settle that craving you have been experiencing since long.

Monsoon is not a feeling, it’s an emotion and monsoon is incomplete without relishing pakoras, samosa and many delicious monsoon snacks. This monsoon may seem a lot different than the ones you’ve experienced all your lives but it’s special nonetheless.

So, to give you a little more of the monsoon vibes, we’ve made a list of savoury snacks that you can chomp while video calling your friend, listening to stories from your grandparents or simply enjoying them with a cup of tea or coffee.

Grab your chair and chai while you sit in the balcony munching these snacks:

Crispy Pakoras

Masala Aloo Cutlet

Corn Chaat

Stuffed Bread Pakora

Spicy Aloo Chaat

Potato and Corn Rolls

Maddur Vada

Fruit Chat

Moong Dal Kachori

Corn and Pea Samosa

Spring Rolls

Bread Pizza Pockets

Roasted Masala Makhana

Vada Pav/Bhel Puri/Sev Puri



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