The season of drizzle, mizzle and bliss is here and we can’t help but miss all the things that most desi folks experience during the monsoon season.

Taking relief from the scorching heat and welcoming monsoon with happy hearts, we have curated this list of beautiful sights and monsoon season activities that you need to catch up on right now!

Even though monsoon arrives with irritants like humidity, frizzy hair, power cuts and sweat, the fragrance of the wet earth make the soul delighted. The lockdown might rob you of your chance to flaunt your colourful umbrella and sassy gumboots but you can surely make the most of your favourite season in your own jolly ways.

This monsoon may seem a lot different than the ones you’ve experienced all your lives but it’s special nonetheless. So, to give you a little more of the monsoon vibes, we’ve made a list of things desi folks experience every monsoon season.

Take a look:

Quick getaways (Sorry, we know you can’t but maybe just revel in the memories!)

Paper boats and Kids

Light showers and Dancing Peacock

Rainbows and Beach

Monsoons and hikes/treks

Drives with our loved ones

Rainy Football

Samosa and Chai

A novel, rains and hot coffee

Cuddling with your partner

Cozy mornings in bed

Forgetting rainwear getting drenched

Monsoon playlist

Daydreaming about being in a Bollywood monsoon song
College/School holidays

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