The drizzle-mizzle season can be harsh for your skin. When all this time you’ve have strictly followed the skincare regime then why bunk during the monsoon? Follow these easy monsoon skincare tips to keep it healthy and happy!

Yes, it’s a lockdown situation and we are not stepping out anywhere. But that doesn’t mean you neglect your monsoon skincare ritual. Rain and humidity can make your skin look dry and cause damage to the skin pores. When the skin is dehydrated, it makes your face look dull and a little moisturizer can do wonders for your face.

Many people face skin-related woes during monsoon. While some are struggling with oily skin and breakouts others often face dry and stretchy skin. But you don’t need to stress over it, thanks to these bloggers who never leave an opportunity to answer our skin queries and help us keep it healthy. They have appropriate skin rituals and tips for you to follow for a happy monsoon and happy face!

Check out the monsoon skincare tips from these bloggers for blooming skin:

Swati Bhambra

Preeti Pranav

Shruti Arjun Anand

ShivShakti Sachdev

Shalini Samuel

Anwesha Bangla

Sarmistha Sambit

Preeti Shah

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Erica Fernandes

Rinkal Soni

James Welsh

Scherezade Shroff

Roshni Bhatia

Aditi Shrestha

Pawan Yudi Khatri

Simran Bhatia


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