Moon Knight mid-series review: A complex yet regular superhero tale lifted by Oscar Isaac's flawlessness

Karishma Jangid
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Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one interesting adventure that keeps you on your toes with twists and turns lurking at every corner!

"Moon Knight"- you must have heard the name by now as it is spreading across the globe and rightfully so. It's common knowledge that Marvel has been at the forefront of ethnic and cultural representation on the screens. However, with Moon Knight, it has now ventured into Egypt; not only the country but also its gods, the Enneads. Sounds exciting, right?

The story revolves around the life of Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a gift shop employee in a museum. He's a pitiable lonely nerd with a vast knowledge of Egyptian culture and archaeology wanting to be the museum's tour guide. Oddly enough, he wears ankles restraints in bed. Why though? Amidst his sleep, he finds himself at random places on random days. The dark ride begins when he finds out his other identity, Marc Spector (also Oscar Isaac), an avatar of Khonshu (the Egyptian moon god). Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Steven finds himself guarding the scarab. Guided (also somewhat tortured) by Khonshu, Marc and Steven fight Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), a cult leader who wants to awaken Ammit, the Egyptian heart-eater demon. Wow! That's a lot of information to grasp in one episode.

However, this is not it. The three released episodes of Moon Knight will keep you as confused and curious as the protagonist. Trust us when we say that you will be taken on a rollercoaster as Steven unwillingly but adventurously goes from London to Austria to Cairo trying to save himself and humanity. While the complex plot showcases a typical superhero story, it's still an interesting ride. The soul of the series, however, is the charming Oscar Isaac who is carrying the show solely on his shoulders. Isaac changes from Steven to Marc to Khonshu effortlessly within seconds. His flawless acting skills combined with his handsome looks are the best reason to indulge in a binge session of Moon Knight.

One refreshing aspect is that the series takes you to the streets of Cairo and the ancient pyramids; what a sight to behold! The music in the show will make you want to groove as well as bite your nails in anticipation.

Kudos to Marvel for bringing a story from Egypt (where West never ventures). However, the representation is limited since May El Calamawy who plays Layla, Marc's wife is the only Egyptian actor in the series so far. As per the three episodes, Layla is a supporting character whose job is to help the protagonist. That won't be stopping us from excitedly waiting for what's in store for Layla's character though.

As of now, the story is a tricky tussle between right and wrong leaving fans confused about whom to root for. Well, we will just have to patiently but excitedly wait for the next episodes. We promise to keep you updated with one more review as the series marches towards its finale. Is it just us or are you excited too?

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar releasing each episode every Wednesday.

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