Check out this exclusive list of Indian gamers who went on to create their own special clan of followers in 2021.

Remember when owning a Mario Cart meant having your friends over and spending time taking turns playing it while munching on snacks? We ended up spending hours until our mothers literally yelled at us to move. And then games like GTA blew our minds with their graphics and soon online gaming took over. The fact that one can now be alone in their room and connect with people from around the world while they try to complete a mission is impeccable. And this new age of gaming has encouraged a number of Indian gamers to do streams and play along as millions watch them live.

The state of the Indian gaming industry has evolved in the past few years. From consoles, PCs, and mobiles people are investing their time and effort in exploring the virtual world, completing missions. In the past two decades, we have seen speedrunning becoming popular in India. People are turning to YouTube to watch Indian gamers live-stream their favorite video game as their try to complete it as fast as possible adding another concept of entertainment online. This new part of the creator community has its own huge following among Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha. While it’s mostly about watching them play, YouTubers are also using it as a platform to raise funds supporting various causes. There have been many such Indian gamers who were followed religiously in 2021 and we made a list of them for you to check out.

Have a look!

Ajay aka Total Gaming

Ujjwal Chaurasia aka Techno Gamerz

Sahil Rana aka A_S Gaming

Lokesh Raj Singh aka Lokesh Gamer 

Sujan Mistri aka Gyan Gaming


Shagufta Iqbal aka Xyaa

Tanmay Bhat


Atharvaditya Singh aka Aditech

Payal Gaming

Kaash Plays

Mir Abdul Kalam aka Star Gamers

Flight Gamer

Ankkita C

Rai Live


Desi Gamers

Dynamo Gaming

Two Side Gamers

Live Insaan

Kani Gaming

Mysterious YT


Saloni Pawar aka Meow16k

Are you a gaming fan too? Let us know who you discovered this year.

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