The Moto Razr display begins to peel off only after a week’s use

Geetika Sachdev
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The Moto Razr display begins to peel off only after a week’s use

The newly launched Moto Razr might make you go, “Oh flip!” but not with excitement as the phone’s screen faces this major issue.

Motorola has been in the news for a while - first, for the launch of Moto Razr, and now for its display peeling off, only after a week of its launch. The Moto Razr has largely been inspired by its 2004 Razr design and has played big with the nostalgia element. However, it turns out that the phone is now being talked about for the wrong reasons.

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Input Mag author Raymond Wong, said that the display of their Moto Razr review unit started peeling off after a week’s use. The peeling is happening right in the middle, where the phone folds. Wong says there was really no impact on the Moto Razr that might have led to its peeling. He added, “When I took out the phone at around 3:43 p.m. ET to snap a few selfie comparison photos (?), I noticed the air gap. The screen was completely warped from hinge-to-hinge with the top layer raised like a poorly applied screen protector.”

As Wong tried to close it, the display began peeling even more. Further, the touch screen stopped working, after the display conked off. While the top and bottom parts of the display worked normally, the middle part was not responsive to touches. According to Wong, this display tear could be due to the difference in temperature from 28 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit(-2 Celsius) outside, and moving to a warm room. Touchscreens normally become unresponsive in very cold temperatures but a reaction this bad is alarming.

Responding to this charge, Motorola said, “We have full confidence in Razr’s display and do not expect consumers to experience display peeling as a result of normal use. As part of its development process, Razr underwent extreme temperature testing. As with any mobile phone, Motorola recommends not storing (e.g., in a car) your phone in temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit and above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If consumers experience device failure related to weather during normal use, and not as a result of abuse or misuse, it will be covered under our standard warranty.”

The Moto Razr will be launching in India soon with its price most likely crossing a lakh.

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