Everything you need to know about Megha Sharma v/s Mumbai cops incident

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Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma, a woman staying in Andheri, Mumbai claimed that she was harassed by her building's security guard and the police that arrived on the scene on call pressured her to come to the police station without the presence of a lady constable.

The whole instance occurred post midnight. According to reports, the chain of events began when Megha asked the guard to get cigarettes for her.

The next thing known is, a feud breaking between Megha and the guard, and as seen in the building's CCTV footage Megha is seen hitting the guard, reasons of which are unknown but in another video, Megha mentions it was because of the guard's use of profanity.

When the police arrived on call, they are seen insisting Megha comes to the police station, but Megha is seen resisting given the time and as there was no female constable present. Instead, she proposed that she'd do it later in the presence of her lawyer and as it was late at night, she just wanted to go home but the officers present and the guards(as seen in the video) are trying to stop her.

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After several minutes of this going on, thereafter breaking down and boiling with anger, Megha resorted to stripping in the lift as the police and the guards were not letting her go.

Megha tried to file a complaint against the guard and the cops present during the scene later, but as stated by her, they were only ready to file a complaint against the guard, not the cops.

As of now, it's unclear who the real offender is; the guard, the cops or Megha. The reports floating are based on the available footage and Megha's claims.

Few of these reports and opinions emerging maybe manipulated or fabricated to from click bait. As the Police itself is investigating the incident and have not announced an official statement.

Some have come out in Megha's support, as they think it was wrong on the cops' part to try and strain her to come to the police station without a female constable's presence.

Some think that Megha was at fault, as they think the available proof indicates so.

The incident is being investigated as of now and it has not been concluded who is the wrongdoer. Any arrests regarding the same are also not known.

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