Megha Sharma, a woman staying in Andheri, Mumbai claimed that she was harassed by her building’s security guard and the police that arrived on the scene on call pressured her to come to the police station without the presence of a lady constable.

The whole instance occurred post midnight. According to reports, the chain of events began when Megha asked the guard to get cigarettes for her.

The next thing known is, a feud breaking between Megha and the guard, and as seen in the building’s CCTV footage Megha is seen hitting the guard, reasons of which are unknown but in another video, Megha mentions it was because of the guard’s use of profanity.

Another video of Model Megha Sharma where she can be clearly seen assaulting the guard first. This woman has got the guard arrested on charges of molestation now. This is just so sick. Unbelievable. A woman is allowed to assault others then strip to play victim. Society supports her no matter what she does.Courtesy: @News24TvChannel on Twitter

Posted by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Sunday, 28 October 2018

When the police arrived on call, they are seen insisting Megha comes to the police station, but Megha is seen resisting given the time and as there was no female constable present. Instead, she proposed that she’d do it later in the presence of her lawyer and as it was late at night, she just wanted to go home but the officers present and the guards(as seen in the video) are trying to stop her.

So yes here am I again …people doesn't know that what had actually happened…thy just saw that which this janta showed thm …if a girl getting misbehaved by a watchmen at 1am and 2,3 watchmen hitting her back and when she called a copes thr for help the cops are telling her that come to the police station at 3am that to b no lady constable was thr …requesting thm will come tomorrow til the time u can talk to my lawyer frnd …and as per the law no police guy can take a girl in the night to the police station …she got stuck in the lift area for almost 10mints in between of those bastards…all the cops and watchmen were not letting her go up …and she felt too much of scared and threatened by everyone's around her, feeling like y thy want me to take with them now when I m already saying will come tom to file a complaint against that watchmen …I thought that once I'll b out thy might rape me coz all cops were men thr …and yes a case has happened in pune that a girl had a gang rapped by these cops nly…if anyone can search on google for cops thy will get to know what thy are and who thy are …and second thing I need to ask whole janta here who is putting me an allegation without knowing the whole story that what had happened that night ,tel me one thing y those cops came thr without any lady constable when thy already knew that a girl is complaining …I was literally got scared of I m begging in front of thm, crying to go up then y thy forcefully wanna take me out at 3am in the police station which is not allowed without my permission whn I already told that i will come tom to file a complaint against that watchmen, …when those bastards were not leaving from thr thn i hav to all that if u really wanna do or something going in ur mind do it here nly thn in front of CCTV cameras but I'll not come with u guys n go to the police station now coz I don't trust those copes even who didn't had a single lady constable over thr, might be thy can take me somewhere else instead of police station…And now u nly tel me who make videos in front of a police department , when I was doing all that …copes were thr seeing tamasha of mine but thy didnt stopped them not to take out my video …and if those cops had told me that madam u can go , n come tom to file a complaint that wouldn't had happened what I did over thr..Seriously we girls are not safe in our own country ,in our own building n thn to b in mumbai which we say its a safest city and moreover the copes who are thr to protect us…U know guys putting a blame on a girl its too easy but knowing the actual fact its too difficult…Also a girl will think 100 n ten times doing all that what I did, but I'll fight for my justice til my last breath …Posting a video to all of you who thought me wrong without knowing anything and gave me a name of feminism … Thanx

Posted by Sharma Megha on Sunday, 28 October 2018

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After several minutes of this going on, thereafter breaking down and boiling with anger, Megha resorted to stripping in the lift as the police and the guards were not letting her go.

One more #MeToo loving, Fame Hungry wannabe Model & Actress from Lokhandwala, Mumbai ??? Fully prepared & ready with Live Auditions for a Possible Adult Film Role ??? Has dis MeToo movement gone Horrendously wrong ???A Drunk Model & Actress from #Mumbai , #MeghaSharma strips in front of police, thrashes security guard ??? Ultra #Feminism & Undue advantage of #MeToo Fever exposed again !!Incident Report – Sharma – Sharma –

Posted by Arya Acharya on Saturday, 27 October 2018

Megha tried to file a complaint against the guard and the cops present during the scene later, but as stated by her, they were only ready to file a complaint against the guard, not the cops.

As of now, it’s unclear who the real offender is; the guard, the cops or Megha. The reports floating are based on the available footage and Megha’s claims.

Few of these reports and opinions emerging maybe manipulated or fabricated to from click bait. As the Police itself is investigating the incident and have not announced an official statement.

Some have come out in Megha’s support, as they think it was wrong on the cops’ part to try and strain her to come to the police station without a female constable’s presence.

Some think that Megha was at fault, as they think the available proof indicates so.

The incident is being investigated as of now and it has not been concluded who is the wrongdoer. Any arrests regarding the same are also not known.

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