Twitter is rejoicing with pawsitivity after Mumbai Police celebrates the birthdays of three one-year-old training dogs’ birthday.

If there is someone that we all are real fans of on social media, it is our own Mumbai Police. While they do all they can to protect us and keep us safe they also make it a point to bring a smile on our faces with the social media content. We are always left fascinated and amused by the fun things they post online while spreading information. They recently made another post that won hearts all over the internet. Mumbai Police celebrates the birthday of three one-year-old dogs. They shared a video and it has gone viral since.

The three dogs-in-training Maya, Whiskey and Honey turned one on Tuesday. Their birthdays were celebrated by the department with cakes and balloons and the video was shared on Mumbai Police’s official Twitter page.

The post soon went viral after it was posted online, thanks to all the cuteness and also the crazy fan following that the Mumbai Police’s social media has.

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