Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps for meeting new people, introduces The Museum of Queer Swipe Stories in partnership with Gaysi Family, to showcase LGBTQIA+ Swipe Stories.

The Museum of Queer Swipe Stories, launched early this year, is a curated archival project that seeks to collect the many moods, experiences, and complexities of queer dating. Tinder believes the chance of an epic connection is a Swipe away, and that everyone has a swipe story. Stories of people you’ve met, friendships you’ve created, hearts that have broken and experiences you’ll always remember.

Besides The Museum Of Queer Swipe Stories, The dating app has been consistently making strides towards bettering the product experience by expanding gender identities to be more inclusive for everyone. They’ve done so by introducing sexual orientation so members have more say in how potential matches are lineup and Traveller alert which appears when the app is opened in countries that have laws criminalising LGBTQIA+ status.

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The One Where I Wonder If She Likes Me We sat on a bench by a beautiful little pond. We smoked a joint and talked about whatever. I was more busy trying to inch closer to her. My head was hurting from the really tight space buns I had done before the date but that wasn’t on my mind yet. “Does she like me?” kept playing on repeat instead. We were facing each other on the bench, and I saw the opportunity. I subtly trapped her leg with my leg between the bench just to see if she’d move it away….she didn’t. Rum, 23 Lesbian, CisWoman By a small pond where the ducks played, on the bench Artwork by @priyadali #MuseumOfQueerFirstDates #Swipestories #Queerfirstdates #Tinder #Gaysi #LGBTQ+ #digitalarchive #curated #archive #queerasia #queerindia #dialogues #firstdates #qfd #museum

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Taru Kapoor, GM-India, Tinder, and Match Group on the collaboration for The Museum Of Queer Swipe Stories with Gaysi Family, “Through our work on the Tinder experience, partnering with Gaysi and the diversity of Queer Swipe Stories we continue to collect, we’ve learned binaries are limiting. With greater visibility of narratives from outside the binary, there is also greater acceptance. Tinder has facilitated same-sex matches from its inception but we believe it is important to celebrate more than heteronormative narratives of finding connections. For some members, gender and sexuality labels reflect their own personal assertion of identity and as identities evolve, the language we use and stories we tell should be more inclusive. We are cognizant about the challenges and range of experiences our LGBTQIA+ members face and want Tinder to be a safe space for them to express themselves, find community and support online, and stay connected, especially during COVID-19.”

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The One Where I Discovered I'm 'Def Gay' I had recently come out as bi-curious, and a few friends were eager to set me up with their queer friends. I agreed to meet one mutual friend at her house during a little get-together, and we immediately hit it off. We started texting the next day, and decided to meet at her house again to watch Gilmore Girls with pizza (because Gilmore Girls+pizza is BEST). . . We paused at one point because we kept talking about actresses we were attracted to and that eventually turned into women we've known that we're attracted to. When I left that night, she sent me a text message saying "Also you're def gay congrats" and we joked about it for a bit. We continued talking but things eventually fizzled out. I had started to see someone around then, and we slowly stopped talking. I still remember that night fondly though. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time! Shruti, 27 Bisexual, CisWoman Mumbai. Artwork By @priyadali #MuseumOfQueerFirstDates #Swipestories #Queerfirstdates #Tinder #Gaysi #LGBTQ+ #digitalarchive #curated #archive #queerasia #queerindia #dialogues #firstdates #qfd #museum

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Founder of Gaysi Family, Sakshi Juneja on the partnership, “Queer folks have rarely had a chance to engage in the popular idea of dating, friendship, and romance. Archiving these experiences that queer folks in desi communities have had is an important task- one that may lead to a better understanding of the nature of human connection and love, and how universal the experience of meeting someone new for the first time is.   

Through the active search for archiving stories that revolve around connections, we want to be able to curate a space where queer Indians from across different spectrums of gender, sexuality, age, location, and profession can find stories of people that have similar cultural and social locations. Queer Indians have rarely had much representation of their narratives in popular culture- especially stories of love, romance, and all the little sparks in between. The museum seeks to bridge that gap.”

“Tinder has proved to be an ally for the community in the truest sense over the past few years that Gaysi Family has been working with them. They have provided us with the support to continue doing the work we do as Gaysi in multiple ways- by supporting community events, providing outreach opportunities, and also, by giving complete freedom to us in Gaysi’s creative endeavours,” added Sakshi.

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