Meet Ganesh Rajagopalan: The Grammy winning Violin Maestro of celebrated band – Shakti!

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Ganesh Rajagopalan

Mr. Ganesh Rajagopalan is the violinist of the musical band Shakti, who recently bagged a Grammy award and here's everything you need to know about him!

Celebrated fusion band ‘Shakti’, led by maestros Zakir Hussain ji and John McLaughlin, clinched the Grammy for ‘Best Global Music Album’ with their latest masterpiece ‘This Moment’. Amidst the spotlight on Shankar Mahadevan, another luminary shines bright – Mr. Ganesh Rajagopalan, the lead violinist of Shakti.

Hailing from Chennai, Mr. Ganesh brings over five decades of musical prowess alongside

his brother, Kumaresh, forming the renowned violin duo Ganesh Kumaresh. Their legacy in

Indian Classical Music has left an indelible mark on the genre. Mr. Ganesh’s contributions

extend beyond Shakti; he is a pioneer in carving a niche for instrumental music in India.

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Collaborating with icons like Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, and Keeravani, Mr. Ganesh’s

compositions blend genres seamlessly with Carnatic music, pushing the boundaries of

innovation. His achievements include the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, a

testament to his mastery in the performing arts.

Reflecting on the Grammy win, Mr. Ganesh expressed gratitude to the band and

acknowledged the faith bestowed upon him by Zakir Hussain ji and John McLaughlin ji. He

remarked, “Indian Classical Music has been integral to my journey, and this win is its

crowning glory as we continue to create musical masterpieces for global audiences.”

Mr. Ganesh Rajagopalan, a performing artist, composer, educator, and founder of Eswara

School of Music, embodies the spirit of artistic excellence and continues to inspire

generations with his musical prowess.

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