MX TakaTak Creator Fund worth Rs. 100 Crore launched by the short-video app

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MX TakaTak has announced the launch of a new initiative for Creators by launching the MX TakaTak Creator Fund worth Rs. 100 Crore.

MX TakaTak has shown huge growth in terms of users, usage time, and its large community of content creators amongst other metrics. MX TakaTak has announced a new initiative for creators called the - MX TakaTak Creator Fund to encourage India’s talented and innovative set of established and emerging creators to create engaging, impactful, and inspiring content on the platform. The fund will deploy INR 1 billion (Rs. 100 crores) for creators. In a promise to support its existing creators as well as to encourage new creators with impactful content ideas, the fund is meant to help them use their creativity to build an exciting career. The MX TakaTak Creator Fund will support creators of all sizes and backgrounds, rewarding the passion and creativity they put into inspiring, engaging and entertaining the community on the platform. 

The Creator Fund will be open for all Indian citizens and those creators who consistently post original videos or have unique ideas for content across various categories such as education, tech, sports, art, entertainment, fashion and makeup, travel & photography etc. Once selected in the Creator Fund, the creators will receive regular rewards for their content based on various performance criteria such as uniqueness of their content, authenticity, views, engagement, followers etc. In addition, a select few aspiring creators with story ideas that make a social impact will receive a start-up fund to support the start of their journey on MX TakaTak.


Speaking about this development, Karan Bedi - CEO, MX Player said, “The MX TakaTak Creator Fund is a way to give back to millions of people who bring their ideas into videos as well as to inspire other digital enthusiasts. Millions of users upload videos daily on the MX TakaTak App. We were thrilled to see the amount of creativity and hard work that our users put into bringing their dreams alive and into a video. We hope that the creator fund will not only reward them but also inspire them to continue creating impactful content, build an inspiring digital career, and help give back to the society that we all benefit from.”

He further added saying, “The short format video ecosystem is fast evolving and we’re delighted to have emerged as the market leaders in this category. Home to 70Mn Monthly Active Users and with over 10 Mn unique content creators, we are the preferred platform of choice for both the users and creators; we aim to further scale this in the new year.”

The guidelines of the fund will be available here

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