Friday Streaming - You'd really wish Prime Video's My Fake Boyfriend was a regular run-of-the-mill gay rom-com, but it's a horror story IRL!

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My Fake Boyfriend

Directed by Rose Troche, My Fake Boyfriend talks about falling back into toxic patterns because you don't believe you deserve better, dating in an age where social media plays the main character, and knowing when to not listen to your friends.

Getting back with a toxic ex over and over because you can't help yourself - this not only sounds familiar but hits below the belt, tbh. But unlike our protagonist, Andrew, in My Fake Boyfriend, I actually went to therapy thanks to the massive push my friends gave me. And boy, did it change my life forever! Usually, I'm all for 'keep your brain aside and watch' kinda content, but in an age of self-care finally being front and center of literally every single piece of communication by brands and people alike, this just doesn't feel hilarious. In fact, if any of us were Rafi, this would be horrifying, and we'd take a while to recover from it!

Cast - Keiynan Lonsdale plays Andrew, our protagonist who is looking everywhere but within. I don't blame him, though; self-love is often hard and a lot of work! Dylan Sprouse plays Jake, his best friend. Samer Salem plays the ridiculously hot, Rafi, a restaurant owner, and chef. Sarah Hyland plays Kelly, Jake's partner, and Andrew's friend. Jaden Goetz plays Cristiano, Andrew's imaginary online boyfriend.

Storyline - In an attempt to stop his friend from backsliding and get over a toxic and narcissistic ex, Jake creates an imaginary online boyfriend for Andrew who overnight becomes an internet sensation, thanks to Jake giving him a larger-than-life backstory with the help of his graphic design skills and the power of social media. Watching his toxic ex feels threatened by his new boyfriend, Cristiano, Andrew enjoys how powerful he feels for the first time in this dynamic and goes along with this plan. All's good in the hood until Andrew meets his dream man, IRL, who is everything Andrew could ever ask for.

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What I liked - Samer Salem made me weak in my knees with his portrayal of Rafi.

What I didn't quite like - Watching My Fake Boyfriend makes me wonder why we find it so hard to slow down after a breakup. It'll be an understatement to say that this movie has an outrageous series of events. Keeping aside the ridiculous plot, I'm not sure how anyone can look past this level of lies and move on to instantly being cute and romantic without so much as a real conversation. Where's the bit where Rafi suggests that Andrew get some serious help to build a healthier relationship with himself first? Everything becomes okay because 'I can't deal with my problems but look, I cooked a meal for you.' There's too much happening in this movie which makes it really hard to like!

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