Is your partner giving you a hard time? Of course they are! *rolls eyes* I read somewhere that if your partner isn’t the most annoying person you’ve ever met, then they’re not the one. And unlike a rom-com, that is frustratingly true. But we all need a breather and we’re here to give you just that!

Where there is a relationship, it goes without saying that it is going to be a roller-coaster ride for both of you. You’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been, excited and nervous at the same time before an initial date, and you’ll also want to pull your hair from its roots sometimes because you wanna scream at them so god damn much! But, you love that idiot, don’t you? *rolls eyes again*

We came upon this humorously interesting hashtag on Twitter –#mygirlfriendnotallowedto and #myboyfriendnotallowedto which captures some crazy (to put it subtly!) thoughts that we all go through in a relationship because, well, we’re kind of a possessive generation if you hadn’t noticed until now! Also, all the happy singles out there –trust me, this will make you want to stay single even more!

If you’re watching every move of mine, you’re not finding anyone else either.

Don’t eat sweet treats, don’t blow birthday candles –let’s both of us be miserable together, shall we?

So if I replace the D with S, it becomes sick? I don’t think your guy would want that now, would he?

Okay, this cracked me up for real!

Cute how they’re being considerate, isn’t it? I mean you can’t sneeze without closing your eyes, so, kinda works perfectly. No? Just me?

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6 in total. Close knit group. Introverts’ paradise.

Honestly, if you told me not to go to the gym and leave math forever, no matter how psychotic your reasons sound, I’m staying with you!

Pro tip: Stay in church both of you, there’ll be no troubles. Oh, and stop twerking.

Just when you thought it was only us girls that went crazy…

We’re asking for 5 essays but you did ask for a junior thesis, so I guess we’re even? At least both parties agree on something!

I’m sure you realize these were all in just good fun and you’d be digging your own grave if you do them in real life!

On a serious note though, I’ve heard people tell, “Relationships are not supposed to be this hard” to others; but personally I think relationships aren’t supposed to be cakewalk, right? What are you supposed to fight for if they are?

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