Naina Pachnanda shows us how to live life while donning multiple hats!

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Naina Pachnanda shows us how to live life while donning multiple hats!

“Eyes towards the future, but feet firmly planted in the present”. – Naina Pachnanda

Humans are incredible in the sense that they never stop to astonish each other. No matter how hard one’s life is, there will be another trying to cheer them up. Just like that, it's not hard to find inspiration when one is feeling less productive. All we have to do is look around and see people excel in their work encouraging others to never give up. And one can count Naina Pachnanda among those leaving their own mark wherever they go.

Naina Pachnanda is a perfectionist donning multiple hats. A lawyer, author, and influencer, she makes it all work proving how hard work always pays off. She can motivate you to be productive as she effortlessly keeps up with her own streak.

A lawyer by profession who practiced as a litigation lawyer across the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, Tribunals, District Courts and dealt with domestic arbitrations, after 5 years of practice, she had a calling about wanting to do more and make an effort to contribute to the country. To fulfil this new dream in any small way possible, Naina joined Invest India – the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India, “wherein I drive legal regulatory, strategy and policy work for innovation and technology commercialization.” 

She then decided to venture into the digital space and thus started her journey as an ‘Insta poet’ creating content and entertaining her audience. “Post-work hours, I used to write and recite my poems which were based on topics of self-help, motivational in nature and very relatable to our generation. In March 2020, covid took over the world and the lockdown was announced. It was a period full of challenges so I started to write about those very challenges in poetry form and post them on my Insta handle for everyone to benefit – the idea being that no one should feel alone in these dark and unprecedented times.” During the lockdown period, Naina wanted her audience to recognize that despite the different circumstances everyone is going through, everyone has challenges nonetheless and we would all cross the shore together and make it out of these challenging times, united.

She soon began receiving an overwhelming response for her content. The love for her poetry videos was only proof of how people found a connection to her and her work. She believes that her videos, "gave a glimpse of my empathetic yet determined personality and that is what struck a chord with my audience!" When the concept of Reels became popular, she started creating motivational videos to spread some cheer and positivity during these difficult times. Naina was able to build an Instagram family of over 45K within 2 years along with balancing her office work, and the warm and positive response from her friends, colleagues and her Instagram family encourages her to keep creating them.

Amongst all the hats that she wears, Naina is also an author who released her first book ‘A New India.’ “A book of patriotic poetry based on the schemes of the Government of India such as Make in India, Startup India, Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, Digital India Mission, and various others- all in my unique art form of poetry!” After spending these last two years spreading positivity online and the success of her first book encouraged to release her second book titled ‘Miracles Do Happen.’ “Miracles do Happen is a book of over 200 poems that address the challenges in life that are faced by each one of us such as failure, rejection, loss, and provides solutions to overcome these challenges with hope, motivation, manifestation, and abundant happiness!”

Every poem that Naina has written so far exudes an emotion that emanates from a personal experience and from her interactions with different people she encounters in her life and her surroundings. All her experiences and emotions pour into her poems and those have made it to her book.

“My victories, my failures, my joys, my sufferings are all that inspires me to write and have been the inspiration behind having written my second book. The idea is to share these emotions with everyone, as life, in general, is a roller coaster and we all go through life’s inevitable ups and downs. The ride always seems smoother when coming across content or a social media post that we feel we can relate to or read a book that resonates with our situation. And that is what has always been my aim, via my Instagram poetry and content on my handle and through my book.”

For someone who finds ways and words to keep her audience motivated, Naina herself finds people who push their boundaries inspiring. She appreciates the ones who make the best use of their existing circumstances and resources.

And she finds a lot of them in her DMs, people who have been able to leave a memorable note with her giving her reasons to believe in the work that she is doing. Talking about them, Naina said, “I have been so fortunate that I have been receiving DMs of appreciation since I started this journey 2 years ago. I have immense gratitude for each one of them, but the DMs that really touch my heart are the ones that applaud me for balancing being a full time working professional, content creation, and publishing books, all together, at the same time, as they are all full-time jobs.” 

If you had to describe what your hopes for 2022 are with any of your poems from the book, what would that be?

I would describe my hope for 2022 from Page 41 of my book, Miracles do Happen. It’s called ‘ Ray of Hope’ and it reads as : 

“The smile disappears as you see the door close,

It’s like that inevitable dead-end that life throws,

But if you look around instead and choose not to mope,

Maybe you would see the window bringing in that tiny ray of hope.” 

What do you expect your readers to take away from your book?

I would hope that it takes them on an extraordinary journey, filled with ordinary moments of love, loss, failure, pain – life’s reality- along with acceptance, introspection, hope, motivation and self-created happiness- through which we ordinary beings can create magic in every way,  for miracles do happen every single day! 

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