If you’re someone who is trying to find some solace in these tough times then this beautiful concoction of music and animated illustrations by Neha of Nara Comics will help you do just that.

Do you know the feeling that being wrapped in a cozy warm blanket on a frosty winter night gives you? Or a tight hug from a loved one at the end of a tough day? Or when your mom makes you a hot bowl of soup (or khichdi) when you’re fighting off a cold? That. That warm, cozy, and all-heart kind of feeling is what you’ll experience as you watch these stunning illustrations by Neha of Nara Comics, come to life when combined with animation and tunes that we’ve all loved and probably played on loop way too many times.

From regular, relatable people to some of your favourite on-screen characters, Neha finds a way to breathe life into them and give your heart 15-30 seconds of pure joy. The other posts on Nara Comics’ feed are also very impressive, full of good/relatable vibes and double-tap worthy but these Reels, especially have our hearts.

Here’s a compilation of some of our favourite Reels created by Neha for her IG page Nara Comics:

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