Desi Twitter trends ‘No sir’ after PM Narendra Modi’s social media tweet on Monday. Netizens took the opportunity to share their memes on his idea of quitting social media.

The Internet went crazy when PM Narendra Modi suggested taking a break from social media. PM Narendra Modi’s social media platforms have a huge following. So, when he suggested “giving up” his “social media accounts”, it left the netizens astonished. Hours after he posted the same on the internet, people began retweeting the same and requesting the leader to not leave any of the social media platforms. Desi Twitterati went on to trend ‘No Sir’ on Twitter. As always, memers took it as an opportunity to get creative and stir laughter online.

Check out all the fun that followed Narendra Modi’s tweet:

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Turns out, he isn’t actually quitting social media on Sunday but will have some inspiring women take over his accounts to impart wisdom, knowledge and inspiration.

Take a look: