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It's National Compliment Day and what better way to spread the good vibes other than complimenting someone we really love!

National Compliments Day is a day specially dedicated to brightening someone's day just by giving them a simple compliment! As they say, "One kind word changes an entire day"! This day serves as a gentle reminder of the power of positive words. When we were children we were taught to always make each other happy and treat each other the way we would like to be treated, and this day is specially dedicated to that! Whether they are compliments at work or just in general appreciating someone can always make one feel good, and at the end of the day that's what matters, right?

Here's a little something our creators are doing for this day! Chandni, Sakshi Mehrotra, Mansi Guher, Satya, Vrushali Jawale, and Rida Tharana complimented other creators they really love and we can't wait to read what they have to say!

Check it out!

Chandni (@chandnimimic)

"I think the one creator I would highly appreciate is Prajakta Koli, because to get the success is one thing and to maintain it for this long is very different which I think she has done it beautifully. The connect she has with the audience it feels like home, I have met her twice or thrice I guess, she's exactly what she is extremely down to Earth and even her boldness is something I really appreciate, she has talked about issues like trolling, depression, climate change and body shaming, she's throwing light on all these issues and I really appreciate her for that!"

Sakshi Mehrotra (@sakshimehrotraaa)

"I honestly love Anushka Hazara, for how good she is at whatever she does, Anushka's so humble and connected and extremely talented. It's always fun to watch her reels, wish her a lot of luck and success!"

Mansi Guher (@offbeatmansi)

"I would love to compliment all those creators who hustle every day to make content some days even without motivation, but my favorite creators are Ankita Sahigal and Karan Sareen, I love their content and I've seen them grow and they're truly an inspiration to me".

Satya (@satyaonmirchi)

"I would love to compliment Radhika Bangia, just like me she's also a lot into K-dramas that is one of the reasons, also she belongs to India so all her content is about K-dramas and K-Pop, a blend of Indian and Korean, It's basically a mixture of everything! I honestly stalk her on IG and the fact that all her content is about K-dramas, and other stuff which is about Korea, that's the reason I love to look at her posts".

Vrushali Jawale (@vinewali)

"There's a lot of content creators in the industry who I love and who inspire me. In recent times, I saw a lot of talented creators join the content creation game. I love creators who portray and play interesting characters that bring out their talent and quality. Bhuvan Bam is one of these creators who I love and plays great characters in his videos".

Rida Tharana (@rida.tharanaaa)

"I would like to compliment Dolly, I've been consuming her content for a really long time and I'm a big fan. But, one thing I absolutely adore is how natural and sweet she is, and there's this aura that's put out in her content no matter how much you try to suppress it, I love that fact she puts so much effort into her content as well as try to approach her for her content and try to view and one of the things I remember is texting is extremely kind human and very humble. I'd just like to say how amazing she is."

Tell us which creators you'd like to compliment in the comments below.

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