Social media is vibing to these Navratri Reel songs!

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Social media is vibing to these Navratri Reel songs!

Let's take a look at which Navratri Reel songs social media is grooving to right now!

Navratri is one of the most awaited and celebrated festivals in India and people from all over the country celebrate it with enthusiasm as it provides us with an opportunity to move on the beats of high-energy Navratri songs and do the garba. The festival would lose its charm if we skip heavy dancing and energetic music. While people celebrate the festival differently in different parts of the country, it's just the music that binds us all together and nobody wants to miss this part of this festival. Our social media feeds are filled with Navratri Reel songs and content that is adding to our excitement. Everyone wants that epic transition reel that will leave jaws hanging. Despite the already existing Bollywood songs, we also come across mashups and song remixes that are too catchy to not go unnoticed. We can't help ourselves but groove on these high-energy mixes.

The festival is here and so is the social media enthusiasm. People are enjoying the beats of garba music and the festive vibes with these trending reel songs and looking at their energy, you too must be feeling an urge to be a part of the trend. Take a look at some of the trending reel songs that you too can groove on!

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Check out the most trending reel songs of this Navratri:

Flo Rida X Kumar Sanu

Industry Baby X Nagada (feat. Yohan Mashup)

Jhume re gori X Dholida

Forgotten Songs - Garba Edition

Shubharambh x Udi Udi Jaye - DJ Buddha Mix

Dekha Ek Khwaab x Laila ~ Anna x SushYohan Mashup

cheap thrills × kudi gujarat di

itsajwavy (Original audio)

garba_ni_ramzat (Original audio)

djamsal (Original Audio)

How excited are you for this Navratri?

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