Navratri in the age of social media

Saloni Surti
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Navratri in the age of social media
Bring out all the bling, rehash all your moves and leave out the fake smiles. As you throw in a few garba steps while eyeing your new dancing partner, we at Social Samosa do what we’re best at doing – give you Navratri with the spice of social. Afterall, #WhySoSweet all the time?

Without getting into statistics, we know that Navratri is hands down the most social festival. The musical hook – ups, scouting for dance partners, shopping for gradient clothes and escaping mummies and aunts to avoid all the extra sweet wishes.

Wouldn’t it be better if all this were left to social media ad all you had to care about was dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Leave the clothes selection to Instagram

Am I the only one whose mind goes numb when presented with a million clothes in a shop? Plus who is to know what the latest trend is?

Now if Navratra was social in the literal sense –all we had to do was search #garba, #navratra or #garbaootn to know the latest trend. Such would have been life.


Scouting for dance partner? Tinder to the rescue

You eye to eye with someone right across the ground, just for one round of garba with her. Only to have the stud next door swoop in and make a move before you do.

#WhySoSweet my friend? In the era of social, all one would need to do it get on Tinder. Your display picture depicting you in a dramatic garba pose and introduction calling out to the ladies (or vice versa) to break a leg or in this case to break a dandiya.

That would be some awesome Tindering.


9 shades of Navratri

Oh the pain of wearing a colour you loathe just because it is the colour of the day according to the Navratra calendar.

But here is the brighter side. On social we celebrate the spirit.




If colour of the day is yellow – Instagram a yellow image, cover picture on Facebook could be something with shades of yellow and so can be your Snapchat story. *Winks*

The reason why this person asked the musician to play dhol will leave you wide eyed

Now if everything else is done across social media, why not the actual dance?

Imagine, garba organisers uploading top songs on YouTube with amazingly click bating headlines.


‘The reason why this person asked the musician to play dhol will leave you wide eyed’ is nothing but the famous garba song – Dholidadhol re vagad. *Hopes no one slaps her*.

And finally dodge all the fake wishes

In real life you might not have an option to dodge uncles and aunties fake smiling and inviting you; but it’s a whole different story in the virtual world.


Picture this, annoying neighbour uncle tags you in his annoying Navratra wish and you comeback with a quirky #WhySoSweet post from Kurkure’s site.

It’s time to get chatpatta.

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