Check out Neil Patrick Harris’ quarantine routine that reminded us of HIMYM’s Barney Stinson, only proving our theory that Neil still has a lot of Barney still in him.

Barney once said that life should always be ‘Legend’, wait for it… DARY!”. Legendary. But life in quarantine is far from legendary. No matter where you go one has to self-quarantine themselves even after getting tested before they can move out of their homes. And just like a number of other countries, Canada has a rule where travellers have to be quarantined for 14 days. Actor and Broadway performer, Neil Patrick Harris experienced the same.

The actor was in Toronto, Canada to film a new comedy called, 8 Bit Christmas where he had to follow the mandatory COVID-19 protocol. While it was hell for him to spend 14 days all by himself in the hotel room, it was fun for his fans. He documented his life and posted the same on his Instagram. All of his videos are only prove that Neil still has a lot of Barney still in him. Although Barney would not visit Canada, Robin knows why. All the things that he does during the 14 days are exactly something that Barney would do. Imagine putting Barney inside a room, alone with no human interaction. From doing his Yoga and exercises so he can fit perfectly into his suits, using the typewriter more for the feel of it than actually writing something down, brushing on his magic tricks to charm the ladies and men online, and making sure he shaves everything. His entire quarantine series was like putting the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness (mostly for us) that is his quarantine life.

Take a look at Neil Patrick Harris’s quarantine routine:

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