Netflix's Looop Lapeta takes its time but binds you in a visually colorful loop about choices

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Looop Lapeta

Holi is here and if you’re looking for something colourful and exciting to watch then Looop Lapeta will definitely not disappoint you!

Adaptation is a hard and confusing genre in itself and one is bound to compare as the story already exists in another form prior to this version.. And when one is adapting from an experimental film that’s playing with time it becomes all the more difficult. Adding that Indian flavor to a German film? Looop Lapeta has nailed that quite effectively. India is commonly known for its colors and mythology and you'll find both as an addition to this otherwise mind-bending experimental film. But it lacks that adrenaline rush that Run Lola Run gives you. Nevertheless, this near to perfect time manipulating movie lapets you with a much larger thought about your choices and the butterfly effect.

Looop Lapeta is an adaptation of Tom Tykwer’s 1998 hyper-sensory German thriller, Run Lola Run that covered three loops of time in one hour twenty minutes where Lola ran against time to save her boyfriend. While each choice she makes in every loop sets her boyfriend and Lola up for a certain fate, the script pretty much remains the same in Looop Lapeta where Savi also has to save her boyfriend Satya by helping him come up with 50 lakhs in 50 minutes. But this adaptation has a lot of additions from various twists to new characters and stretches up to runtime of two hours and eleven minutes. This allows one to deep dive into the backstory and explanations behind the choices of the characters which is missing in Run Lola Run.

Since the nature of the film is experimental and they spend a long time developing the backstory, it could take a little while to warm up to it. But once the film finds its pace, there’s no looking back. Each stage seems like a stage coming out a journey of a person's coming-of-age story. The first loop acts like a child who knows nothing and just acts and reacts to the situation, the second loop is a teenager who understands little but thinks they know it all, and the third loop is an adult who’s mature and reasons it out before making every choice. But it's the in-betweenness of the loops where the story seeps in which makes it an interesting watch, like the mythological story of Savitri and Yamraj.

But the entire film keeps you gripped with its unique experimental filmmaking. The cinematography is by Yash Khanna and it’s edited by Priyank Prem Kumar. The color palette of the film makes it a visually exciting experience, from crazy camera angles to vibrant colors, even the costumes, hair, and make-up of the cast is so enchanting that you can't help but be awestruck! Watch out for the title track by Sidhant Mago and Mayank Mehra, it will hit you with a jolting rush.

Savi is a burned ex-athlete who is just running away from everything while Satya is a child-like guy who messes up each time. And Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin play these characters effortlessly and with charm. Dibyendu Bhattacharya as a gangster cum chef, Victor and Rajendra Chawla as a jewellery shop owner is quite interesting to watch. But the perfect comedy delights are the brothers, Gappu-Appu played by Raghav Raj Kakker-Manik Papneja. Even Shreya Dhanwanthary as Julia is quite the scene-stealer inspite of a minimum amount of screentime.

Run Lola Run was a film that was focused on Lola's run and race against time not which works in a sense that the audience is left with an adrenaline rush and in deep thought. Whereas Looop Lapeta packs an entire punch as it layers the loops with reasoning and comedy which leaves nothing open to chance really. And this works because the audience is left with a beautiful feeling while thinking about the choices they make that end up affecting their fate. And this is where Akash Bhatia and his team's gamble pays off about adapting this film as they change nothing in the core structure but rather add to it in a refreshing manner which doesn't kill off the film's experimental vibe but rather packs an Indian essence of storytelling.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

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