Never I Have Ever Season 2 trailer recently got released and we get to see our lovely Indian American girl back with a whole new level of high school drama.

In Never Have I Ever Season 2, we wished that Devi Vishwakumar finally gets what she desired all along. And by that, we mean a romantic relationship, losing her virginity, and have a perfect high school life with two of her classmates. This has no possible way of going sideways, right? Of course not, cause it’s Devi’s life so it has to have drama right?

Instead of having a single relationship before moving to India, she tries to juggle between two boyfriends. One who gets her mentally and another one who fulfills her physical desire. While the rest of her two classmates deal with their own struggles of life. Her cousin and her Mother will, as usual, will add in a whole another level of stressful situations. And if you thought that was enough, hold on, there is an entry of another Indian girl who is way better than Devi, according to Devi. This all and a lot more high school drama will reveal itself on 15th July on Netflix.

Check out this crazy amazing ride of Devi’s life in this trailer here!

But while we wait for the new season to hit on our screens, do you remember where we left of? Let me catch you upto a little speed here. Devi had this whole ride of troubling high school girl who also deals with being an NRI and while she has two best friends, an Indian cousin, her mother and a therapist, life still isn’t easier. We left off Devi dealing with grief of her father’s death, kissing ben, an arch enemy turned lover while Paxton, her steamy hot crush, calling her to tell her he likes her too. Now what is going to further happen in Devi’s life, we’ll know soon.

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