6 civilians including 1 police officer and bystanders were killed in New Jersey shooting on Tuesday. While two suspects were killed in a standoff, three police officers were injured in the conflict.

Shooting has become one of the most horrifying incidents in recent times, with many being victims to the same. On 11th December, the world woke up to terrible news of the New Jersey shooting where multiple people were killed and injured including police officers. According to reports, a second officer was hurt on the shoulders by gunfire, and two others were injured by shrapnel. The shooting took place in a supermarket where two suspects and five bystanders were killed in the gunfire that broke at around 12.30 pm and ended before 2 pm. There was a school nearby but all the staff and students were saved as it was locked down. The police are investigating what motivated the gunfire.

Twitterati expressed their remorse on hearing about New Jersey shooting:

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Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased.