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As we get ready to step into a new year and look forward to more amazing digital experiences, Instagram shares their year-end survey talking about how Gen Z influenced and got influenced by the most popular trends of 2023. 

When connecting via the internet has become more popular than ever, Gen Z has become synonymous with a profound connection to social media, where platforms like Instagram shape not only their online presence but also influence daily life. From personal relationships to self-expression, the obsession with social media permeates various aspects of their life. Instagram's annual year-end survey delves into the psyche of Gen Z, uncovering their perceptions of social media culture and spotlighting the trends that have defined the year. These trends, ranging from viral challenges to evolving aesthetic preferences, wield a significant impact on how Gen Z  interacts with the world around them. 

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As Instagram shared their findings, we wanted to discuss some interesting insights based on their recent survey around ‘GenZ trends for 2024 -

India Is A Trend-setter

In various realms, including food, beauty, and fashion trends, Indian Gen Zs have shown a heightened inclination to embrace and explore emerging trends.

  • From ayurvedic ingredients to vegan products, plant-based meats, and adaptogens, GenZs in India are most excited to try diverse food and ingredients

Gen Zs In India Are More Career Oriented

In 2024, Gen Zs in India have ranked staying healthy, exploring career paths, and traveling as their top priorities. However, in contrast to other nations, Gen Zs in India exhibit a stronger focus on their career pursuits.

  • 43% hoped that 2024 would be their self-improvement era! The year when they will invest in their personal growth and development. 

  • As compared to other countries, Gen Zs in India also believe starting their own business is the best way to achieve wealth

Meme Taste Matters

The primary methods to connect with someone on Instagram include sending them a meme, liking their feed posts, and interacting with their Stories.

  • Actually, your meme preferences hold more weight than you realize. Nearly a third of Gen Z respondents in India picked 'bad taste in memes' as their top turn-off!

‘What Jhumka?’

Among various regions, Indian Gen Z demonstrates a greater enthusiasm for creatively showcasing fashion trends. This highlights the growing popularity of trends like GRWM (Get Ready With Me) and thrifting, where creators ingeniously integrate products into their content. Examples include DIY approaches featuring 'sarees' and 'jhumkas'.

  • 44% of Gen Z’s in India are interested in DIY (do-it-yourself) and wearing clothes in unexpected ways. 

  • A fourth of GenZ’s said their favorite beauty trend is getting a new hairstyle. 

Most Gen Zs In India Belong To A Particular Fandom

Virtually every Gen Z in India aligns with a specific fandom, ranging from music aficionados like the BTS army, Swifties, AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, and Anirudh, to gaming enthusiasts invested in Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Roblox. Sports-wise, their affiliations span the Indian Cricket Team, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Chennai Super Kings.

  • 9 out of 10 GenZs in India consider themselves part of a fandom. 

  • India has the highest percentage of sports superfans, as compared to Gen Z’s from other countries. 

GenZ’s Want Relatable Content

Be it from celebrities, athletes, or creators, what Gen Zs want most is relatability. This holds globally, as it does in India. Specifically for Indian Gen Z, in 2024 they look forward to more content with - life advice, more everyday ‘day-in-the-life-of’ content, and content about their professions!

What are some of your favorite trends of the year? Tell us in the comments below!

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