Revant Himatsingka reacts to government's move to delist Bournvita from healthy drinks category

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Bournvita started facing scrutiny in 2023 when Revant Himatsingka's Instagram video shed light on its misleading marketing. Here's how he reacted to the recent directive.

The Indian government has instructed e-commerce platforms to remove products like Cadbury Bournvita from the 'health drinks' category, marking a significant move towards raising consumer awareness about misleading marketing practices. Bournvita, a flagship product of Cadbury, has enjoyed widespread recognition since its introduction in India by Mondelez International in 1948. The company has been selling this malt-based drink for more than 75 years. With its longstanding presence and endorsements from prominent athletes and celebrities, Bournvita established itself as one of the most popular health drinks in India. However, the Ministry of Commerce's recent directive on April 10, 2024, highlighted the absence of regulatory terms like 'health drinks' in India's food laws. This development underscores a shift in how products like Bournvita are perceived and categorized in the market. 

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How did it all start?

The controversy surrounding Bournvita traces back to April 2023 when Revant Himatsingka aka Foodpharmer, posted a video on Instagram suggesting the brand should change its tagline from “Taiyari Jeet ki” to 'Taiyari diabetes ki' due to its high sugar content. The video gained traction, prompting a legal notice to Bournvita's parent company, Mondelez International. After a few weeks, in response, Bournvita reportedly reduced its sugar levels by 14.4 percent, from 32.2 grams to 14.4 grams per 100 grams. This development led to heightened scrutiny of the product's ingredients. Fast forward to April 2024, the Ministry of Commerce's directive to remove Bournvita from the 'health drinks' category reflects a growing awareness among Indian consumers about product ingredients and marketing claims.

In response to the government's recent announcement, Revant took to social media to underscore the tangible impact of collective efforts, noting how consumers are increasingly scrutinizing the contents of long-trusted household products. Through this post, he attempts to emphasize the power that each of us has to bring change. In the caption, he writes, “This is just the beginning and we have a long way to go together.” 

Here is what he shared in his post: 

This emerging trend signals a pivotal moment as Indian consumers become more aware of their buying habits.

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