Sanju and Madhu are all set to take you on a crazy ride for the second time with their witty banter and bickering. The actor of TVF’s Mr. & Mrs., Nidhi Bisht got into a candid chat with us. Check out what she has to share about the show.

After the success of its first season, the entertaining offering of TVF’s Girliyapa – Mr. & Mrs., is back with its second season. The show talks about a young married couple and them going through various relatable and fascinating moments. With Nidhi Bisht and Biswapati Sarkar playing the central characters, this show has been able to touch the small nuances of real-life couples. We got into a conversation with Nidhi Bisht about this fun-filled 5 episode series.

Here’s what Nidhi Bisht had to say:

1. TVF original, Mr. & Mrs. has returned with its second installment, what can the viewers expect from this season?

“Such has been the show’s rising popularity that by now, I think, viewers must be knowing who Sanju and Madhu are. Sanju is the goofy and cute husband, whereas Madhu is the straight-forward and sarcastic wife. In the previous season, we have seen small things and insecurities that occur between the couple but in this season, it is also about their love. In the sense that they both are imperfect, yet together as a couple they do things for each other. And that too in comical ways as the show has always been. Like in the first episode where Madhu decides to steal clothes from the laundry and Sanju still somehow manages to support her despite how goofy he is. The same companionship can be seen even when Madhu’s ex comes into the picture with Sanju’s insecurity being clearly visible. But what we see is Madhu being there to make him feel comfortable. The season is more about them finding each other. Biswapati Sarkar, who has written this season as well, has certainly tried to give some couple goals here. What commitment really means in a relationship is very philosophical here. And that’s what the season is all about.”

2. Which topics will you be tackling this season?

“There are themes. As a couple when you live together, all the experiences are there with the themes revolving around those experiences. Such is the universe of Mr.  & Mrs. where anything and everything can be done. We have tried to have as much fun as we can have here. For example, Madhu is required to give an interview to get admission into the Whatsapp group of Sanju’s family. There is another situation where Madhu’s parents arrive at her home leading to some awkwardness between Sanju and Madhu’s father. One believes that a father-in-law and son-in-law can never be friends. That is the theme of one such episode. The last episode is very special so I can’t reveal much.” 

3. Which episode did you enjoy shooting for the most?

“The team of Mr.  & Mrs. is very small. So, it was always fun to be back on the sets of Mr. & Mrs. There is Akanksha Dua, Biswapati, Kunal, Shlok and many more. Since the team was small and energies were focused, so it was a whole lot of fun. I am a huge fan of Sharat Saxena so I really enjoyed shooting for the fourth episode. You are all on your toes when there is some senior artist along with you. He is so chill and was constantly cracking jokes in between on the sets. He has worked across mediums including films and now digital. The way he was being patient, calm and supportive while cheering up everyone was great to see. So, I was also learning in the process that this is how your conduct should be. I really enjoyed working with him and Shabnam Ma’am. So, 4th episode for me was the most fun this season.”

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5. You have many other actors namely Srishti Shrivastava, Gopal Datt, Sharat Saxena and more joining the cast. How was it working with them?

“It was always a pleasure to work with Srishti, Gopal Ji. They are old buddies. There was Sharat Sir this time and Shabnam Ma’am who played the role of my mother. Chakori, new talent and Jassi, who has acted in many TVF shows like The Bachelors earlier. It is always exciting to work with new faces and collaborate with them. Such is the format of the show that there is hardly any scope for any third person, but this time it was different as the show was written in such a way that it accommodated new characters in between. We had the exciting opportunity to work with fresh energies as there were new characters coming up every now and then. I am a huge fan of all these actors including Sharat Sir. We have grown up watching him. It was good to offer something great to them. We were really happy to have them and they were equally excited to come back. The value of Mr.  & Mrs. has gone up as these well-known faces agreed to do a show.”

6. What do you think the audience will connect with the most?

“I think in this season, like in the previous season, viewers are really going to enjoy Madhu and Sanju especially their chemistry and banter. Some of the premises are really hilarious including the fourth episode where it is shown that a father-in-law and son-in-law can never be friends. Madhu’s interview in the family’s Whatsapp group or in the first episode where she has stolen laundry clothes and the laundry inspector has arrived. In this season, we have picked up generic themes and levelled up the game by adding a lot of romance in it. I am sure the audience will like and enjoy it.”

Check out the trailer here:

Mr. & Mrs. Season 2 premiered on January 7, 2020, and is available on TVFPlay and Girliyapa’s YouTube.