Nikhil Das is inspiring aspiring photographers with his surreal photography prowess

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Nikhil Das is inspiring aspiring photographers with his surreal photography prowess

Nikhil Das continues to inspire others to experiment with their creativity. Scroll down to know more about his journey!

We have all believed at some point of time that having the best resources can boost up your creativity but that's not true. When it comes to creativity, it can come from the most mundane places as long as you're willing to see things broader. When it comes to skills like photography, people believe having high-end cameras, lenses, and accessories is the most important thing. While these resources can certainly make a difference, it's the photographer's skills that ultimately determine the quality of the image. A skilled photographer can use even the most basic equipment to capture amazing shots. Developing skills such as composition, lighting, and post-processing can greatly enhance the creativity and impact of photographs. You can say, it's easier said than done until you check out Nikhil Das. His love for photography got him into this whole content creation thing when he started posting on Snapchat's Spotlight and gained the attention he deserved.

He can use the most ordinary items and make something really amazing out of it. He makes us believe that to be a creative photographer, you don't need to have the most expensive equipment. You should rather put your energy into building their skills through practice, education, and experimentation. His confidence and brilliant work is inspiring a number of aspiring photographers to experiment and that has got our attention. We wanted to know how he started this journey and we spoke to him about the same!

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Here's what he shared with us:

How did content creation start for you? What was your inspiration?

Our plan to get into creative photography started during the pandemic. Initially we just used simple and basic objects such as fruits, flowers, glasses and things like those to try and make the photo/video creative. At the start of our journey, we only captured the final shot and our BTS videos were never a part of it. Later, we felt it would be fun to add our BTS videos so now we add them. Speaking about my inspiration, I was highly impressed by how various creators captured photographs and videos in an innovative manner across platforms. That’s when the idea of giving a creative twist with using our vision struck me and I jumped onto Spotlight where I saw my user base increase tremendously and got appreciated for my work.

How do you come up with ideas for your photos and what is your creative process like?

The videos that I publish are quite imaginative. Making videos like mine involves a lot of ideas and considerations. Three people work as a team to generate ideas. We present all our views, discuss them, and then come to a decision as a group. We make sure that all our camera setup and shooting gear is prepared the day before the shoot date. A significant portion of our work involves optical illusion, and I want to highlight the best aspects of nature innovatively in each piece of content I publish.


How has your photography style evolved over time and what has influenced these changes?

I've taken over 100 videos, and from each one I've learnt something new, improved my skills, and reconsidered my approach to content creation. Together with my team, I made sure that all of our videos included a creative or innovative feature. At the beginning, I had few or no resources when I started shooting videos. It began with a typical phone camera before gradually switching to a lens camera. It was because of Snapchat’s creator program that I was able to buy myself a proper lens camera and progressed towards my goals. I love that the platform has given me such a huge opportunity to build my creative skills.


What are your future goals?

Sky's the limit for creators like us who are into creative and DIY photography. We aim to popularize the concept of optical illusions in capturing videos and photos. Our community and subscriber base depend on us to offer creative video strategies for capturing the natural world. We aim to be one among the star creators and grow along with their expectations.

Find him @Nikhil_Das

We hope that his content will inspire you to discover the depth of your creativity as well.

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