Supreme Court upholds the death penalty in the Delhi Nirbhaya case, denying the plea of one of the accused by the name of Akshay Kumar Singh.

One of the accused of the 2007 Nirbhaya case that stook the country, Akshay Kumar Singh had applied for a plea that has been dismissed by the Honourable Supreme Court. The accused filed for the petition when the Tihar jail authorities started preparing for the execution. By stating that the contentions raised by Akshay Kumar were heard and reviewed by the top court in the main judgement, the three-judge bench headed by Justice R Banumathi upheld the death penalty. Advocate AP Singh appearing for Akshay sought three weeks to file the mercy petition with the President. The court, however, claimed that the petition can be filed within the time as mentioned in the law.

Twitter reacted on the Supreme Court’s verdict on Nirbhaya case:

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