We spoke to fashion creator Nitya Chawla about the fashion content she has been creating over the years.

If there’s anything that the last two years have taught us it’s this – If one looks for ways to do things that they really wanted to do, they can! It was the break and motivation that everyone needed to explore their options and dive into them. One area that saw a boom by welcoming artists and contributors from across the horizon was content creation. And for the audience, it has been a delight to be in the digital space and jump between creators and their content to entertain ourselves. Fashion influencer, Nitya Chawla happens to be just another soul who tried her hand at creating content around fashion and sharing her bits and knowledge of it with a larger audience and finding solace in it.

Someone living a ‘parallel life’ in the digital space, sharing her ideas and tips on what fashion means to her, Nitya has been able to establish an audience of over 500K followers on Instagram. Her journey, however, started off by total accident. It was a giveaway that opened the gateway to her content creation journey that seems to be going strong for her. She participated in a contest conducted by a blogger that intrigued her interest to know more about the world of digital content creation.

She began her own research to understand the reason behind a blogger doing giveaways, only to know that it helped with their engagement. “I slowly started following these bloggers and exploring the pattern of their work. I started doing what they were doing but with my own twist.”

Along her journey, she has learned her own way around fashion and what that means to her. When talking of fashion, people also assume the avant-garde or the couture of luxury brands. But with fashion influencers, things have changed. They have shown us how our everyday outfits can also be fashionable and different than what we usually wear. According to Nitya, fashion is how you live. It’s a lifestyle where she tries to find fashion in patterns and everything ordinary around her. “My motivation was my deep interest and even I couldn’t figure out when and how I got inclined towards the same. It just happened. I explored and went into content creation, figuring out things to the roots.” 

Since she has a platform that can reach a large number of people. Nitya wants to use this platform in a positive way when sharing her content. One major aim is for her to get a chance to connect to her audience. She hopes that the content that she shares is relatable and helpful enough for her audience. Short-video platforms and their popularity have also helped her become keener on what she is doing. “I upgraded my setup, and my phone and kept on exploring how I can improve. My zeal to improve made it all. Gaining popularity and followers on Instagram is way too hard than gaining popularity over short video apps. However, you always need good aesthetic content. Your content should speak.” To keep up with the changing trends and engage her audience, she makes sure to do what her heart says and what is requested by her audience. 

Over time she has also learned a lot about what it’s like to be an online personality. From the start to now she has realized her own strengths and weaknesses. “I never thought of what was good and bad. I just started it. Slowly and steadily when I wanted to improve, I thought of the pros and cons. And apparently, the best part is that it has my happiness and the worst part is the setup which is still not ideal.” 

Apart from creating content she also enjoys content from her fellow creators. “I enjoy the content of Riya Pandey, Malvika Sitlani, and Shreya Jain. I have a list of people who inspire me and help me improve my sense of content creation.” 

Who are the people that you look up to find inspiration?

As mentioned above, there are many, Malvika Sitlani, Debasree, Shreya Jain, and others.

A quote that always motivates you?

Life is not a bed of roses.  

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

Yes, I have a follower who is a kid and DM me. She checks out all of my videos and gives her suggestions. Such a sweetheart! 

If you had to describe your hopes for 2022?

A good and peaceful life is all that I hope for. I have many unsaid things hidden in the above line like growth, happiness, and stability which I manifest! 

Do check out her page to know more about what she’s planning creatively.

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