7 non-desi content creators who are exploring and embracing India!

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Check out these non-desi creators who are showing off their love for India through their content.

There's something incredible about India that we just cannot ignore. People can easily find stories they want to listen to, history and places that they want to be part of, and a bunch of memories to make. There's so much to explore in our country but at times even as a citizen, we tend to miss out on a lot of things. But there are many non-desi content creators who are doing it for us, making us appreciate India in all its glory.

Tourism plays a big part in introducing the amazing history of our country to the world but what also contributes to the exchange of the rich culture that we have is content creators. Many of these creators are deeply connected to our culture either because they're married to an Indian or because they live in the country after falling in love with our traditions and cultures. And there are many such non-desi content creators who are making us fall in love with our country all over again. We cannot help but watch these creators in awe for sharing their perspectives of this beautiful country.

Check out these non-desi creators!


Ekaterina Raman


Chintamani Diana

Giulia Raffaello Jain

Luca's Adventure Book


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