8 non-romantic K-dramas on Netflix that will shatter all stereotypes you have about the genre!

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If you're all about the thrill and unconventional plots then these non-romantic K-dramas are perfect for your binge watchlist!

Contrary to popular belief, K-dramas are more than just the romance that they're known for. Suppressed by so many stereotypes, K-dramas are often neglected thinking that they thrive only on the love story between the characters and there's no actual meaning to them. But it's high time we looked beyond that and realized that K-dramas can actually be just as intriguing as any other TV show that you've watched until now. Squid Game is of the biggest examples of how non-romantic K-dramas can take the world by storm just as the romantic ones have contributed to the Hallyu wave.

Most of these K-dramas highlight current issues of the world; Sky Castle talks about the toxic education system where children are forced to study against their will with a bare minimum amount of sleep, Itaewon Class shows the clear divide between the rich and the poor communities, and My Name and Little Women are stories totally carried by strong women. Each episode comes with a plot twist, making you want to watch the next one immediately.

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These shows will defy your perception of what a typical K-drama looks like!

Itaewon Class

Park Sae-Royi and his group of misfits work hard to run a successful restaurant chain in a world that's been totally unfair to them.


A young private's mission to capture army deserters reveals the painful reality endured by enlistees during their compulsory calls of duty.

Sky Castle

4 families from the elite community of Seoul's Sky Castle, do everything in their power to get their children into the prestigious Seoul National University.


These insanely rich group of people who live in Seoul's most luxurious apartments throw their moralities aside to gain even more wealth and power.

Flower of Evil

A con-man/murderer marries a detective under the pretense of being a loving husband and before you know it, the two are in a catch me if you can kinda situation in their own house.

Little Women

Three sisters, who only have each other get entangled with the most powerful family in Korea.

Taxi Driver

A former special forces soldier seeks revenge for victims of injustice while working for a secret organization that fronts as a taxi company.

My Name

After her father was brutally murdered, Yoon Ji-Woo puts her trust in a mafia boss and enters the police force under his direction.

Which of these non-romantic K-dramas are you looking forward to binging? Let us know in the comments below.

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