Twitter influencer and self-proclaimed data storyteller Norbert Elekes is giving out people daily updates of the COVOD-19 through his Twitter page.

This is a very stressful time and people are in constant search for acquiring adequate information about the Coronavirus disease. With the cases increasing every passing day there are a number of fake news stories making rounds on the internet. People are therefore in search of an accurate source that can give information. This has turned many data analyst into influencers as the young people are an active part of the online community. Norbert Elekes is one such analyst who is helping people receive daily updates of the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Norbert Elekes is an entrepreneur and data analyst who shares stories and daily updates of the current Coronavirus pandemic with his 2 million followers on Twitter. He tweets about various cases reported and every other information related to the outbreak on his Twitter quicker than anyone else. People are following him religiously and are sharing the same.

Take a look at some of the tweets by Norbert Elekes:

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