20 #OddTimeToLaugh instances that are so cringe-worthy but so worth it!

Paawan Sunam
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Laughter is the most effective weapon, for human race but Twitter users have shared their instances when they shot at an inappropriate time! When it was an #OddTimeToLaugh but they did anyway. Don't we all?

When your producer is explaining to you that Image is Everything & Everything is Image, is not the only odd time to laugh, there are numerous, including the time when your friend’s mom is scolding your friend and telling them that they should learn something from you.

Oh boy...

HOW? How can anyone laugh during Titanic?

Come on, it tickles

*shakes head in sympathy*

Worth the pain!


Now, this is just naturally funny...


hahahaha....Sorry, I was laughing about a joke I read yesterday

*too scared to comment*

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I pity you my man...



Now that is funny...

...and the right to laugh

*evil laughter* 

*laughs maniacally* 


Broken relationship totally worth it!

World's oldest joke!

Next time you come across a situation which is an odd time to laugh but is funny in your head, just laugh. Turns out holding your laugh in, may blow up a nerve in your brain (or elsewhere).

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