The popular private transport service Ola launches Ola auto in London, UK and it has the netizens talking.

Bhaiya Bandra nahi jayenge, par London zarur jayenge! Our very own autorickshaw/auto/rickshaw has crossed borders and reached a whole new country. Ola one of the leading transport service apps has launched Ola auto in London, UK. The app has been steadily increasing its presence all over the country with over 10,000 drivers registered under the app. And with its recent addition, the popularity of the app has also gone up. Autos are roaming around the streets of London after the app decided to launch it in the country. One major reason being the prices, which is considerably less and it also rides made available for 24 hours. While the people of London are excited about this new development, we Indians can’t help but find fun in the news.

Here’s how people reacted to the news of Ola auto in London:

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What do you think about Ola auto in London?