OMG 2 keeps its focus on the message it drives home - Pankaj Tripathi's humble genius and mandatory sex education!

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OMG 2 review

Pankaj Tripathi's unintended humour and elegance and a beautifully executed social message make OMG 2 a delightful watch!

Based in Ujjain, OMG 2 questions our inherent need to flee when anything sex related is spoken of around us in the form of Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a shopkeeper going about his day outside a Shiva temple when he's asked to rush to the hospital. When he gets there, you're caught just as off guard as he is, because via Vivek, his son, masturbation is addressed in Indian cinema, haw!

Vivek Mudgal, a teenager, studies in a reputed school in Ujjain and gets teased by a bunch of boys over the size of his penis. Vivek is so consumed by this worry that he turns to things most boys his age try out - purchasing 'oils that help you increase your size', OTC medicines like Viagra and masturbation. After an incident involving 3 Viagra pills, Vivek finds himself at the hospital and before he knows it, the whole of Ujjain knows of his 'vulgar act' via a video that's circulated of him masturbating in his school bathroom. When his principal finds out, Vivek is rusticated which leads to Kanti filing a case against the school, pharmacist, the oil selling quack and himself, for spreading misinformation and not educating his son better.

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There's an entire market for making your penis thicker and longer; you'll catch innumerable ads on every pornographic website. But there's a massive void where school going kids can learn about sex, their bodies and its limitations, good and bad touch, consent and OMG 2 attempts to fill this void with its insistance on normalizing having these conversations at school and at home. Educate them young so they don't go on to believe that something is wrong with them and their bodies, teach them that size doesn't matter and it definitely doesn't reflect on their self worth.

Feeling ashamed when you're caught masturbating in your teens is a tale as old as any but nobody speaks about this within the family, between friends, at school. It's awkward to even bring this up as an adult. Which makes it refreshing when this film delves into the shame, guilt and inner turmoil that a teenager experiences when publicly humiliated about touching himself.

After watching OMG - Oh My God! in 2012, I expected Akshay Kumar to have just as impactful a role to play in this one instead of something that resembled a cameo but his all knowing smile pretty much made up for that disappointment. While God had a big role to play in the Paresh Rawal starrer, what with Rawal suing him, this one seemed to work wonders by roping in the gods to make a point as valid as any by going back to old scriptures, religion even to quote things from Kamasutra, Khajuraho, Panchatantra and more.

This satirical comedy-drama isn't preachy. It's light hearted, funny as hell and gives you everything you'd expect from this franchise. More families need to watch this so it stirs more conversations at home.

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